Native app

iPerform can be accessed as the preloaded Android native app for personalized learning. User can receive their login credentials ager logging on the website.

Learning Path/Study Planner


The learning path is a set of prescribed guidelines to the student from his/her mentor aligning the tests and the learning modules in the order in which the student should take them up. These tests and learning modules appear in the study planner automatically with a date and time, which can be edited by the students.


Comprehensive Learning Modules

Multi-media enriched study materials, comprehensive and exhaustive repository of modules mapped to a well sequenced learning path; make our content appealing to students of all grades. The curriculum is engaging, inspiring and motivating; provide a personalized learning experience for students.

Interactive Zone


Students can discuss and collaborate in the interactive zone. They can get their queries solved from our large and active community of iPerform users as well as our mentors.

Work Online and Offline


Student does not have to worry about staying connected to internet. The application automatically downloads few chapters on the Classpad as per the recommended learning path for absence of internet connection. All activities performed in the offline mode cab en synced, once connected to internet.

Works on Adaptive Logic


All eTests will adapt to the levelof student, based onthe questions he/she answers. the questions will change according to the student's knowlege to finely grade him/her, enabling the mentors to prvide a better feedback and recognize the weak areas of the student.



iPerform movitvates students using a unique system called iPoints, which allows students to earn points for every learning activity they perform in the applicaion. The more you use iPerform, the more iPoints you accumulate, which you can use to buy merchandise/gifts.

Revision Tests/Exercises


The applicaion contains revision tests attached to each module which will help students brush up the lesson and make formative adjustments in their understanding of the concepts just learned. The eTesting zone has multiple exercises on each topic which are formal timed-tests to assess the student's knowledge



The etests are backed by a comprehensive set of topicwise, question- wise and subject-wise reportenabling the students to reflect on their performance and level of under standing of topic. The application stores all rreports generated for each test given by the student. Mentor provide a detailed performance analysis of the student based on these reports.

Regular Replenishment of Content


User can view content and assessment from time to time as beign updated by Classteacher subject matter experts for imporved and personalized learning. The application creates a notificaion for the new modules and etests added.


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