Classpad - 8"(black)

  • Power Cortex A8 Processor with HDMI Output.
  • Supports Wi-fi, USB with 8GB (32 GB External) Storage Inbuilt Camera
  • Learn through Animations, 3d Videos, Simulations, Assessment Tools, Acitivities etc.
  • Recommended Study Plan for all Grades
  • Comprehensive assessment Questions
  • Detailed weekly progress/performance reports
  • Excellent repository of educational content for kids to highest level Students
  • Built-in vocabulary Builder

Rs 9999/- Only

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At a Glance

Personalized Learning

Classpad Educational Tablet facilitates personalized and interactive learning in the classroom and makes education accessible to every student according to his/her individual intelligence level and talent.

Experience the modern Teaching practice

Using Classpad, teachers can effortlessly transfer class work to the students' tablet, share their own content instantly and conduct tests/ assessments hassle free. Students can also give undivided attention to class lessons, attempt assessments and get immediate results to further enhance their learning.

Equipped with distinctive software that is designed to integrate smoothly with existing school platforms, Classpad Educational Tablet can easily be connected to the interactive whiteboards, projectors and TVs.

Innovative Adaptive Learning Engine

Equipped with an adaptive learning engine, Classpad can help categorize students as fast learners, average learners and slow learners, thereby adapting to multiple learning styles.

Huge Repository of Learning Modules, E-Tests & Edu Games

Classpad Educational Tablet provides access to our huge repository of learning modules and eTests and games. The use of interactive and rich-multimedia based learning modules engage students and makes classroom study more interesting. Game- based learning is fun and can deliver a high level of learning engagement.

Comes with Classteacher "iPerform", an innovative online learning platform

Classpad Educational Tablet comes with some distinctive applications which encourage deeper and active participation in the learning process in primary to senior levels students. These specifically designed applications like iPerform and will not only enhance student's critical thinking and inquiry but also improve their creativity and raise their potential.